Serve Coffee In Your Restaurant? Try These Tips To Provide A More Gourmet Experience

Posted on: 20 October 2015

If your restaurant is like many, you probably serve coffee to the customers who request it. However, if you don't run a coffee shop, you might not put much effort into it, other than providing a high-quality coffee and offering sugar and creamer. Coffee is a big thing nowadays, however, and you can maximize your profits relatively easily by providing a slightly more gourmet experience. Here are a few ways how.

Invest in Flavored Syrups

Many restaurants offer two options to customers who want coffee: caffeinated and de-caffeinated. However, many people love a shot of extra flavor in their coffee drinks. Large bottles of flavored syrup are relatively affordable and last for a long time -- until your coffee starts selling like crazy, that is -- and you can offer a smorgasbord of different flavors, such as vanilla, hazelnut, peppermint and more. Plus, it's easy to use -- you only need to squeeze in a teeny bit of syrup to add a nice, rich flavor to the coffees that you serve. Just talk to a local supplier like DunnCo - Monin Account for more information about flavor options. 

Provide the Right Cream

Provide a few different creamer options. Some people like real cream, which can provide a rather luxurious and gourmet experience. Also, offer flavored creamers -- which you can purchase in individual packs for customers to use to their preferences -- and whipped cream topping for flavored drinks.

Add Fancy Finishing Touches

It doesn't take much to add a nice touch to your coffee drinks. Offering to add a drizzle of chocolate or hazelnut syrup on top of the whipped cream or providing soft peppermint sticks as stirrers can add something "extra" for those who prefer it.

Offer Something to Munch On

Many people like to have something sweet to munch on while drinking their coffee, such as a muffin, doughnut or cookie. If your restaurant doesn't currently sell anything sweet, you may want to consider it. If you don't want to make it yourself, you can always outsource this job by ordering from a local bakery or from your current restaurant supplier.

Choose Prettier Coffee Mugs and Saucers

Many restaurants have plain white coffee cups and saucers. Although practical, they can be quite boring. Consider upgrading the coffee experience for your customers by investing in nicer, prettier mugs and saucers.

As you can see, there are lots of ways that you can make coffee drinking in your restaurant a gourmet experience. Follow these tips, and your customers are sure to be impressed.


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