Finding The Best Flavor Combinations: How To Pair 3 Specific Types Of Coffee Roasts With Dessert

Posted on: 18 January 2016

If you're one of those people who enjoy ending a meal with coffee and dessert, you may have wondered whether pairing certain types of coffee roasts with specific desserts might help enhance the flavors you taste. The truth is that different coffee roasts have distinct tones and flavors harbored underneath all that caffeine. By identifying the unique features of each type of coffee roast, you will be able to make a better choice as to which sweet you should enjoy that night.

Balance Creamy Desserts with the Bitterness of Dark Coffee Roasts

Dark coffee roasts are brewed for long periods of time in comparison to all other alternative types out there. This gives dark coffee roasts a more potent and bitter taste and flavor although the amount of caffeine they contain may be significantly less. Background flavors that are often infused into coffees are also much bolder in dark coffee roasts, which matches and balances out the richness of creamy desserts, like custard and cheesecakes.

Go Bold with Chocolate

If you're a fan of chocolate desserts, you'll want to complement your dessert with a full-bodied type of coffee. You have two options to choose from: medium coffee roasts or dark coffee roasts. While the richness of the latter can complement chocolates very well, medium coffee roasts are often deemed most compatible. This is because the richness of the flavors will bring out the cocoa flavor of the chocolate without compromising any underlying tones.

Enhance Fruity Flavors with Light Coffee Roasts

If you're not particularly fond of rich desserts and would like to end your meal off in a more subtle manner, then fruity desserts, like fruit-based pies or fresh fruit salads, may be your Achille's heel. If this is the case, dark coffee roasts will overpower the subtle sweetness and flavors of the fruits. This will significantly impact how your dessert will taste. To enhance fruity flavors, go with light roasts that are infused with additional flavors. For example, citrus-flavored light coffee roasts are perfect for fruit-based pies, as they enhance the flavors of the fruit. Just make sure that you're not eating dessert right before you plan on going to sleep because light coffee roasts are quite strong, and will keep you up.


Surprisingly, coffee goes really well with many desserts. Each one of the roasts mentioned above come in different flavors. These additional flavors can definitely enhance the quality of your meal depending on what the dessert may be. Don't be afraid to try out different pairings and play with the flavors.

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