Water Filtration Gives Guests Peace Of Mind

Posted on: 27 March 2015

If you run a restaurant that uses tap water for much of its water supply, you might want to consider adding a water filtration system that covers the entire restaurant. Tap water in the United States is generally safe to drink, but for many people, especially those visiting the United States from another country, tap water does not always equal safe and drinkable. The psychological effect of growing up never drinking tap water can make trying to drink it anywhere a real challenge. Adding a whole-facility water filtration system is one of the best ways to put your customers' minds at ease about what they're ingesting.

Not Always the Best

In many countries, tap water is safe to drink in larger metro areas or through partial supplies. However, in Ireland for example, bathroom tap water is not considered drinkable even in large cities like Dublin because of how the water is stored before it heads into the pipes. Places often add filtration systems so that guests there have safer water to drink. And of course, in many countries tap water isn't safe to drink at all, even in the kitchen.

If you were to have customers come in from one of these countries, and they were to find out that you were giving them tap water to drink, they might be nervous about drinking it. You might also be seen as a rather cheap establishment. In the end, that would make you lose customers and get worse ratings on review sites.

Instead, add a whole-establishment water filtration system so that the water is drinkable -- and carries the label of "filtered" -- no mater what faucet the water's come from. That will make your guests happier and give them the impression that you cared enough about your establishment to spend the money on such a system.

Domestic Appreciation

Having a filtration system can also win you brownie points with customers from the United States, too. Those customers who are concerned with contaminants and pollution in the water can feel better about coming to your restaurant, and the filtration is something you can emphasize on your website to attract customers.

If you'd like more information about water filtration system types and their cost, please contact a filtration company now. There are several different ways to filter water and target different substances, like lead, for removal. A representative will help you choose the best type for you.


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